MealPack Coconut Almond 3.75 ounce bar

Almonds and coconut: a great flavor combination with oat fiber in one meal-sized MealPack energy food bar. These nutritious, meal-sized, concentrated, total food bars contain balanced, complete protein, and all natural ingredients.

Net Wt. 3.75 oz. 106.4 G All 8 Essential Amino Acids

Ingredients: Malted corn and barley, nonfat milk, honey, raisins, almonds, oats, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, soy oil, wheat bran, non-gmo soy flour, coconut, lecithin, vinegar, almond extract. See Nutrition Facts for complete nutritional information.

Coconut Almond M-CA$1.50, 10/$15.00, 30/$43.50, 50/$70.00, 100/$135.00, 150/$195.00

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